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branding portfolio.

SOULMAITE Dating App - Creative Assets. 
Graphic Design Icons_Original.png

Created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Created as a mock project, Soulmaite - Dating App was created with an abstract mark logo design and a modern-flirty theme. With the main brand colours of hot pink its respective tints, the brand was created to exude flirtation. The logo was created with a sans-serif typeface and illustrated as a text message with a fluttering heart that is two-toned of light pink and hot pink. As an extension to the logo, the trademarked name of Soulmaite is added to the logo with a hot pink background and white wording. 

  • Using a monochromatic colour scheme with classic modern typefaces of DIN Condensed Bold and Avenir.

  • Image Slideshow: Emblem Logo | Combination Logo | Color Scheme | Logo on Digital Watch | Business Cards | T-Shirt Design | Billboard 

Branding Identity - Millennial Pink
Graphic Design Icons_Original.png

Created in Adobe Illustrator, Procreate and InDesign

As part of a project, we were tasked to design a curated branding identity for a travel agency using a specific location. I was given Berlin, Germany and the client of appeal was a wealthy and girly businesswoman who is looking to experience the luxuries of Berlin. The intention of this project was to enable students to conceptualize a complete brand identity based on the client’s needs and wants.

  • The theme was inspired by a 60s Old-Hollywood (Sharon Tate and Grace Kelly) and comprised of neutrals such as Black, White, Grey with a focus colour of Hot Pink. 

  • Using design and layout techniques of Adobe Creative Suite

  • Develop several components following a professional design brief. 

Finsihed Campaign.png

Millennial Pink - Full Campaign: Branding Identity 

Components: Logo, Magazine Ad, Social Media Ads (Instagram Story, Web Banner), Luggage Tags, Snapchat Filter

  • Placed in InDesign

Magazine Ad
Luggage Tags

Millennial Pink - Magazine Ad: Branding Identity 

The Magazine Ad displayed a woman standing on a balcony looking at the Berlin Museum Island and the Berlin Tower. I chose to incorporate more colour as it was a landscape scene but still keep to more muted tones. With the addition of script, serif fonts for a timeless look. 

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator 

branding colorsss-01.png
Snapchat Filter

Millennial Pink - Snapchat Filter: Branding Identity 

The Snapchat Filter was created to frame a landscape when positioned near a monument or flipped for a selfie. The filter reflects the luxury feminine theme of the branding with the same woman's figure as the Social Media Posts and the Magazine Ad. It also showcases the Berlin Tower as reference to one of the largest and most-known tourist attractions of Berlin. 

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator 

branding colorsss-01.png
Social Media Ad - Instagram Story
Social Media Ad - Website Banner
Social Media Ad (Banner).png

Millennial Pink - Social Media Ad (Instagram Story): Branding Identity 

The Instagram Story - Social Media Ad incorporated a new but similar figure of a woman who is holding travel luggage with the Berlin Tower in the background. The ad has the "Swipe Up" feature that the Instagram Story feature can offer. Further, the campaign has the same color scheme but a new title of "Live Lavish in Berlin"

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator

branding colorsss-01.png
branding colorsss-01.png

Millennial Pink - Social Media Ad (Website banner) Branding Identity 

The Website Banner - Social Media Ad reflects the same design elements as the Instgaram Ad with the woman holding her luggage however I modified the layout by splitting the ad in thrids. The first 1/3 holds a view of the heals and bottom of the luggage, the second 2/3 holds the title with a learn more button and the final holds the headhsot of the woman and the tower. 

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator 

branding colorsss-01.png
branding colorsss-01.png

Millennial Pink - Luggage Tags: Branding Identity 

The Luggage Tags were created to minimc the feminine flair of the campaign while using similar features of the Berlin Tower but adding more decals of shopping bags to contribute to the luxury clientele. As part of the project, our luggage tags had to only contain 3 colors and their tints. Below, the colors I used in this part of the branding were Dark grey, a Blush pink and a Hot pink with their respective tints.

  • Created in Illustrator

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