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illustrations portfolio.

Hot Girl Summer Illustration

Created in Adobe Illustrator and uploaded to Instagram

Developed a 2-Post Instagram Campaign for the cultural notion of "Hot Girl Summer." The focus of the campaign is satirical and highly cartoon-like. The colour scheme of the campaign is created with pastels tones of Pink, Teal, and brown shades. The vibe the campaign holds would be for the audience to see it and automatically think of Vacation and Summer.  

  • Block His Number and Enjoy Your Summer - A quote by @MissRemiAshten

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Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 1.05.13 AM.png

Block his Number, Enjoy your Summer

Posted to Instagram Feed: Carousel Posts (2 Posts)

Comic Book Cover and Back

Created in Adobe Illustrator 

Illustrated a Comic Book Cover and Back for a made-up story set in the 70s about a vampiric woman and her quest to become rich again after fleeing her life in the Mexican Cartel. The theme revolves around early 70s design techniques and mimicking the thriller/slasher film posters where one side of the design seems innocent and the other is haunting. Though made-up, the idea of a modern-day black widow figure having a supernatural power was very interesting to illustrate as it allowed me to get more creative with symbolism. 

  • The design incorporates many vampiric and black-widow symbols such as Spiders and Fangs with a more upscale visual appeal. 

  • A triad colour scheme was used of Burgundy, Navy Blue and Peach with their respective tones/shades. 

  • The book cover and back was intended to be placed on a paper-back book as it would be easier for the reader to flip back and forth to see the woman's figure in both her good and evil form. 

The Savage Lover - Book Cover and Back 

Triad Colour Scheme with a 70s design theme. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 1.44.49 PM.png
Custom Illustrations Portraits

Created in Adobe Illustrator 

Past client illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator.

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